Locksport: The Sport

Locksport is a hobby or sport that involves picking and manipulating various types of locks. It is often described as a non-destructive way to explore the mechanics and inner workings of locks, and to better understand how they can be defeated or secured.

How to start tinkering with locks?

Anyone can start lockpicking as a hobby sport with just a lockpick tool set. It is easily available online and there are numerous resouces online to get started with lockpicking.


Across the world a large number of people are p[art of the growing community of lockpickers.

About Us

Great! You are interested in learning about us. We are a bunch of young lockpicking enthusiasts. In fact, the youngest of us is still in school. We enjoy spending time playing with locks.

A hobby and a profession

Picking locks is a hobby. It's a profession too. Locksmiths often start out by picking locks. Once you start enjoying working with the lock mechanism and keep learning further, you will find yourself acquiring knowledge of different security hardware and modern locks such as digital locks and access control system. You will want to learn how to how to rekey locks and then you will be cutting new keys.In no time, you will find yourself ready for going pro and possibly take locksmithing as your trade. I know of a local Chicago locksmith company owner who started with picking locks. With time and practice, he acquired enough knowledge to start working with a local company and eventually start his own locksmith business with a storefront and several locksmith vans. 

Basic locks

Start with the most common padlocks that you can find. Don't try to look for anything special. Just an old lock at your house is good. 

Modern locks

Once you have mastered basic locks, you can move on to other locks such as vintage locks and other locks being sold in the market.

Complex locks

Some padlocks are easy to pick while others have complex mechanism. With lots of levers, you might have a challenge ahead.